Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waking up is easy to do.....

when your little sister comes in for a snuggle

and when your big brother gives you a super big hug.

Waking up is easy to do

When you have your binks and Mickey to help you.

Everyday when naps are over, Penny and I go in to wake Tommy up.  He still will take a 2-3 hour nap if I let him!  He LOVES to wake up to his little sister snuggling in bed with him.  He sings her silly songs and touches her little button nose, they hug, she gives him open mouth wet sloppy baby kisses and he say "gwwwwwwosssss baby!" and laughs.

I had to capture not only our naptime ritual, but also Tommy's binks.  He is in love with them, literally!  He loves his Mickey and his blue blankie, but binks have been his security blanket of sorts.  We held off taking them from him with all the changes that have occurred in the last 18 months.  But now it is time for them to make their exit.  He had 10 of them and they are like little action figures to him.  He lines them up on his bed, talks to them, has them talk to each other.  It is rather cute to listen too.  But over time he has broken them, one by one.  Now there is only 2 good ones left and it will only be a matter of weeks, days, before they are broken too.  He keeps the broken binks and holds them in his hand while he sleeps.  We have told him that when they are all broken that is it, no new binks.  He can keep the broken ones if he wants and he seems to find comfort in that.  He will also get a trip to the toy store to pick out a new toy or lovie, something small, but of his choice.  He is excited about that, so hopefully it will help with the blow of not having his binks anymore.

It is funny, but as his mom, I too have an attachment with his binks, with anything he loves really.  Same goes for Charlie's Lovie and Kitty.  God forbid something ever happened to them.  I think I would be just as sad as the boys would be.  It is hard to watch my babies grow up, a right of passage I know, and I am grateful they are healthy and growing.  But I still wish I could bottle their baby days and snuggle chubby baby boys just a little more..

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel this way about the boys Lovies and Joe's Ted. I am so glad when I see Joe still carrying Ted around--how pitiful is that :-)?!

    Hanna was the only one of mine to have 'mimi's' as she called them. She had lots just like Tommy and I held off taking them from her b/c of all the changes in our lives over a couple years--divorce, my going to work and her to childcare, then Jamie coming along, us getting married. Needless to say she had hers till she was a little over four.

    Each little phase of them growing up is so hard for me. I am trying harder to be happy about these phases and praying to find comfort in the fact that this means my children are healthy!