Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HaLLoWeeN of ThE pAsT

Besides Christmas, Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I have always loved it, but now with three little ones it is even SO much more fun.  We spend months, literally, agonizing, changing our minds and then creating most of our costumes.  This year, Daddy and I are even dressing up since the boys have only begged us for two years now to do so! I LOVE Fall and all the fun activities to do around this time of year, I LOVE the cool crisp weather and changing of leaves, I even love the rain and wind.  The colors are fabulous, the food is outstanding and there is just fun to be made at every corner!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

I started a tradition last year of pulling our pictures of Halloween past, the kids in their costumes, at the pumpkin patch etc, and decorating with them around the house. It is so fun to see how the kids have changed and what they were "into" that year, or what cutesie costume I got away with putting them in!
Bobafet and Yoda, 2005
Charlie the little Lion, 2006
Charlie, 2006
Charlie as Thomas the Train and Tommy the Great Pumpkin, 2007

Tommy the black kitty and Charlie the orange kitty, Charlie picked out the costumes and Nie Nie made them, 2008

Tyler as Percy, Charlie as the Space Train, Andrew as Thomas and Tommy as a Knight, 2009

Charlie came up with the idea of the Space Train and Mommy made it for him, 2009

Charlie as a Robot, awesome costume that Daddy made and Tommy as a Skeleton, I was induced to have Penny after we went trick or treating this year, 2010

Some of these pictures were taken years before I started keeping this journal, so I thought it would be fun to include them now.  Plus, who can resist a precious kitty cat or pumpkin with striped legs?!
So much fun!!!

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