Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random thoughts on Charlie: Fall 2011

While eating Sunday brunch, crispy bacon in hand, Charlie spouts out loud "I never knew a pig could be so dirty and taste so good!" ....has to be the quote of the month!

Charlie is doing so well in school.  Each day he comes home and proudly reports "No card flipping today Mama!", their method of discipline at school.  Heck, if I knew that keeping my kids in line was as simple as flipping a card from green, to yellow or red, I would of made up this card flipping thing myself! 

From the time he gets home to the time he closes his eyes at night we get snippets of the happenings of the day.  Out of no where he will tell me about his reading group and how he got to sit next to his "favorite" friend Ben H.  or how Mrs.G got all grumpy because her smart board wasn't working.  Bedtime is usually when he tells me the important things, like how he is afraid that a little girl told on him to a teacher at recess but that he didn't do anything wrong.  He is scared he will get in trouble and I assure him that if he has good behavior and does the right thing that all will be ok. 

I miss him terribly, sometimes it pulls at my heart strings.  I still crave to have him here with me, teaching him.  But I also know that he is thriving at school and is really happy.  He is also really trying to be a good example and I hear about how he often will help someone or go out of his way to be a good friend.  What more can a Mama want, right?!

He eagerly does his homework and can't wait to play with his brother afterwards.  Whether they are playing LEGO Star Wars on the Wii or building LEGOS in the basement, I see more and more how their friendship is being cemented.  I also see the almost sad look on Tommy's face when Charlie declares that he has a favorite friend at school.  But we are quick to remind them that they are best friends, and always will be.  Even Charlie pipes in that Tom is his bestest friend. 

Charlie is so sweet I love his big hugs each morning and every afternoon.  I love that he still wants me to sing his night night kitty song to him before bed every evening and how he snuggles up to my hand, holding onto it tightly.  He is growing up so quickly, but there is still such an innocence to him that I just love and cherish.

Love you Charlie Bear!

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