Friday, October 14, 2011

Tommy's First Field Trip to the Apple Farm

 Tommy's preschool went on their first field trip a few weeks ago.  He was SO excited and proud to be such a big boy!  He was so cute and when he wasn't climbing up one of the dozen or so tractors that he could test drive, he stuck pretty close to me.
 We have been to the apple farm fun fest before as a family, but that was 2 years ago and Tommy didn't remember all the fun.  There was so much to do and he went from each activity, mingling with some of his friends, happy to drive the tractors by himself :)

 My little farmer boy.  I think one of his favorite places in on a tractor, with his Grandpa of course. 
 Even Penny came along for the fun.  And fun we had! It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed spending time with Tommy and Penny.  Tommy was so sweet and was missing Charlie.  So, when we stopped at the little apple store before leaving, he picked out an orange tractor lollipop for his Big Bro.  So...sweet!

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