Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Creative Cakes

(Easter Bunny)
My passion for making cakes was spawned by the lack of a good bakery in proximity to our house. Our beloved Cake Castle closed and so went our delicious sugar concoctions that graced our table and tempted our taste buds EVERY special occasion. In fact, when Cake Castle posted their sign that they were CLOSING, I immediately ordered a large, extra flowered, extra sweet, cake. I savored EVERY bite. Trent "might" of gotten a piece but he might not of!!
(Hello Kitty)
So, when Charlie's 3rd birthday approached I was faced with where to buy his birthday cake. I refused to go the grocery store route. I prefer not to serve our guest cardboard and decided to try my hand at making a birthday cake.

Now, my Granny taught me how to make the most delicious chocolate on chocolate cake. As a little girl I just LOVED mixing the ingredients together, making frozen treats out of icing, cutting cakes into 4 perfect layers= 4 perfect layers of fluffy chocolate cake separated by 4 perfect layers of sweet chocolate goodness! Yummy!
For Charlie's birthday it had to be Granny's chocolate cake, but with some spice. My first attempt of a "themed or character" cake was a dump truck. The "dump" was filled with iced cupcakes, ie boulders. It was cute but clearly my first attempt!
(My first attempt)
And so the busniess began! Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, Diego, Pizza cake, Indian Jones, Thomas the Tank Engine, Easter Bunny and the list goes on and on.
Creative Cakes has given me the ability to further my hobby while providing a fun, yummy and inexpensive cakes for partygoers! Oh yeah, and it puts a little extra change in my pocket....never hurts!

Thomas the Tank Engine was Charlie's 4th bday cake.

Tinker Bell

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