Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We MUST be doing something right!

So, I am sitting here at the computer, like I so often am, checking emails, sending emails, printing coupons, scheduling appointments, checking on Stellan and Jonah and Brady and Abbey, trying to get "stuff" done in the last few precious minutes of nap time. I hear children stirring upstairs, one such child has not slept but has been rather quiet in his room, only one "shhhhhhh, it is nap time" was needed today...progress!!! The other small child is methodically banging the rail of his crib with his sockless foot I am sure, not making any other sounds, just the soft bump, bump. I take that back, there is now a whole converstation going on in there...I better wrap this up before the sweet babble turns into the screams of "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama!".

So, as I said, I am sitting here and what do I hear Charlie singing, in the sweetest voice? "YES, Jesus loves me! YES, Jesus loves me!" With REAL emphasis on YES!

Immediately it puts a smile on my face and fills my heart!

I guess we must be doing something RIGHT?!


  1. How lovely Beth! What a wonderful thing to hear...such a blessing and you are absolutely doing something right ;)

  2. Hi Beth,
    It is Megan (Brady's mom). If you email me at mwilliams91@rochester.rr.com I would be more than happy to give your our address:) I'm so touched by your message and that people are remembering my sweeties at home!
    All the best,