Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toot too = Gratitude

We took a ride on the Rapid Transit, ie TRAIN to downtown. We woke up early on a Saturday morning, packed our snacks, loaded the stroller and we were off. The boys were so excited and Charlie actually squealed when we drove in the parking lot and the train was waiting...just for us! Tommy squirmed in his car seat and couldn't get released fast enough, he too had his eye on the "Toot toot"!
It always amazes me how little ones find JOY in the simplest of things. How watching the landscape change from ritzy Shaker homes fluffed up with large pine wreaths and manicured lawns even in winter, to street after street of boarded up windows and yards littered with discarded automobiles and trash, does not change the THRILL, the JOURNEY.

They don't recognize the difference in riders either. South Park riders dawn a little different dress then do Woodhill riders. They merely see them for what they are, men and women, kids. Their innocence is so refreshing, so unjaded, so pure.

I have to be honest. When we passed through the Shaker homes I felt my mind wandering to "why can't we have a large house....", "wouldn't it be nice to have a yard like that...." etc. So quickly I am tempted.

Within minutes though the landscape suddenly changes. I no longer wish to live in the dwellings, and I pity the child with the dirty and ripped coat that exists the train with her father. I am grateful for our small house, our tidy little yard, our everything! I am just grateful!

So, a journey that was to be a "fun" morning get away with the promise of greasy fries, unknown adventures and many smiles, turns out to be a lesson in gratitude, for me anyways.
I guess that I too can see the JOY in the simplest of things. Sometimes it just takes a "Toot, toot" ride to open my eyes!


  1. hello beth this is jocelyn i like the pictures. how many blogs do u have?

  2. What a beautiful and very thought provoking post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. ps Will have an award for you in my Sunday evening post :)