Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

There are SO many things to be thankful for today, SO many reasons to sing praise to God!

I am so grateful for Charlie. Today he was so kind, so thoughtful, so obedient, and so tender with his little brother! It makes my heart so full to see him love on Tommy, to take care of him or to lead him in play! Tonight Charlie helped me bandage up Tommy's tattered little thumb. He carefully squeezed the Neosporin on the cuts while Tommy sat there patiently. The other day while getting ready to go to school, I came around the corner to find this....... the little men huddled together reading. Thank you God for my boys, for my Charlie!

I am so thankful that last year I lost half of my income. Honestly, I am. It was the best thing that could of happened to me, to us! I seriously believe that it was a financial wakeup call from God! It has given us the ability to see what our true priorities are, to live more God centered and to be more resourceful. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have MANY chances to learn and do better!! Thank you God for hard, yet very rewarding lessons!!

I am thankful for good friends, old and new! A girl couldn't have a better circle of friends that are truly like sisters!! They are always there for me, to listen, to give advice, to laugh, to cry, to eat cheesecake with, to decorate cakes with, to raise our children together, to have birthday parties with, to encourage, to lift up! Two of my dearest friends are faced with very big life changes. One is moving to another state and the other is awaiting the birth of her son (tomorrow infact!!). How blessed I feel to be part of these women's lives! To hopefully support and love them even a fraction of the kindness they have bestowed on me!! Thank you God for the strong, loving and faithful women in my life!!

I am SO thankful for the young man that just busted through the back door with the promise of melted cheese, quac and crunchy chips all wrapped up in a crumpled, greasy bag!! I just love him!! Thank you God for food that nourishes my body and for a man that loves it!!

SO many things to be thankful for!!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL list!
    I have to agree, although it was really difficult when my husband lost his job for 2 years, it was exactly what we needed to make us prioritize our life and we will never forget the lessons we learned.