Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye Christmas 2009

We will start to pack up the remnants of Christmas tomorrow. Everything will be wrapped up and put back into their storage boxes, all but the garland hanging from the fireplace. Each year we leave up the sparkly lights for a few extra weeks, they seem to help liven up the house a little during the cold winter days. This year I might even leave them up longer. They have to be down by February when all the Valentine's Day decorations come out though....but we are getting ahead of ourselves now.

I love our tree. Better yet, I love the ornaments that are hanging from our tree. Most of them have a story behind them, or were made/given by someone we love.

These are my favorites.

Charlie's Handprint ornament made in 2007

Tommy's Handprint ornament made in 2008

Charlie's 1st Ornament 2005

Tommy's 1st Ornament 2007

Tommy's favorite ornament given by Grandma Candace

Charlie's favorite ornament given by his Godmother, Suzi

Ornament made by Brandon 2004?

Snowflake ornament that Charlie made at church, 2009

Wreath ornament made by my Granny back in the 80's

Wreath ornament made by my Granny before her last Christmas 2003.

Grandma Candace gave this ornament to us this year, one of our favorite.

Goodbye Christmas, see you next year.

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