Thursday, January 14, 2010


Charlie was a pistol and my patience went flying out the window today.
The laundry hasn't been done in almost a week and I don't think anyone has clean underwear for tomorrow.
Nope, didn't eat one of our monthly cooking meals from the freezer but opted to have Trent pick up a healthy dinner of Taco Bell.
You bet the new dog ATE my sweater, yes my favorite one!
Didn't exercise or do my daily scripture reading this morning.
Certainly did blow our grocery budget this afternoon at the grocery store.
Absolutely did blow our grocery budget buying a child who certainly did not deserve a new Mickey Mouse Choo Choo video, but I did it anyways because I am a sucker.

Nie is in surgery this week. Have you visited her blog? If you haven't, you should.

Yes, our life is truly wonderful. Eaten sweater and all. For when I can put everything into perspective, I know that my treasures are in Heaven and as Nie says "my home is Heaven on Earth".

(Nie, Treasure May 2008)

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