Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

I set some pretty hefty goals last year. I made good on some of them, failed miserably on others. All in all I am very happy with everything that I accomplished and all the "stuff" that I have worked through in this last year and especially in the last few weeks!

Through this year there has been an underlying thread, that God is GOOD! All that I have done, all that I have struggled through and made it to the other side, was only because of my faith in God.

I think the biggest thing that I worked on this past year was my relationship with Jesus. I had to stop putting all my eggs in baskets that could not carry them. Only Jesus is able to sustain my needs and to fulfill my deepest desires. No human power or material object can bring joy and a sense of peace to my being. That being said, I still have plenty of struggles/demons to face and 2010 looks like a good year to do it!

Goals for 2010

*continue to read scripture and deepen my relationship with God

*spend more time in prayer and meditation

*continue to have a date night each month, reinstall at home date nights once a week with Honey Trent

*exercise ( I am not putting any limits or expectations on this...just DO IT already!!)

*make better choices when it comes to food (I have a challenge for the month of January coming up on this one!)

*throughout the year spend time as a family in devotions, like we did for Advent

*organize, organize, organize. schoolroom, pantry, toys, etc, etc, etc

*build emergency fund

I am not big on New Years Resolution, frankly I never stick to them. But goals are manageable to me. Not to much pressure, but a clear path of where I would like to be in the future.

Here is to 2010!

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