Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And it is a................................


I can hardly believe it! The technician said that in 20+ years she has only been wrong once or twice...believe me, I asked!
Her little hand clenched in a fist.Align Center

She even has Daddy's big toe!! Just like the rest of our babies :)

That is right folks, we are going to be adding a sweet little girl to our family!!

I am truly still in shock, 48 hours after seeing our baby for the first time and discovering that the baby is a girl. I really thought it was another boy and thrilled with that idea!! We even had a boys name picked out, I had dreams about a little boy etc. I hadn't even entertained the idea of a little girl!

Trent on the other hand said he was not surprised at all, he thought it was a girl all along. He added that when the technician couldn't "see" the baby parts right off the bat that it was just confirmation to him that it was a girl. With the boys there was NO guessing what they were!!!

We are beyond thrilled and are so excited to meet our sweet little girl right around Halloween!! Daddy has even picked out her name and I just love it!! But it will be a "secret" up until the very end. Trent has really been cute, I think this little girl is already starting to wrap herself around his little finger.

I was a tad worried about what Charlie's reaction would be since he did not respond well to the idea that our good friends just had a little girl after having 2 boys. When I even mentioned that our baby might be a girl he said that if it was then he was going to throw her in the garbage. ?!?!?! I have NO idea where he would get an idea like that but we had a nice little talk about how every baby is a blessing from God and that we need to love and take care of the baby because that is what Jesus would want us to do. He then said it would be ok if the baby was a girl as long as he could teach her how to play trains. :)

I needn't have worried because as soon as I told him that he was having a sister he started jumping up and down, had a huge smile from ear to ear and was yelling "yeah, we are having a baby sister!!!". He is truly a sweet child and everyday since our big news, he has told me how happy he is to be having a sister. He is even planning already all the "girl" toys he can buy for her, a small table and chair set with a tea set is already on the list. You know, so they can have tea parties together.

And Thomas, well I am not sure how much he gets the fact that there is actually a baby growing in my tummy, let alone a girl baby. When we told him, he said "NO, a Mimi guy in Mama's tummy". (Mimi guy is a fireman) So, I told him a Mimi girl was in there. Too funny!! Tommy is all about listening to the baby's heart beat though on my fetal monitor (yep, I broke down and bought one and it has been the BEST $60 I have spent!). He brings me the monitor almost daily and asks to hear the "bum bum, bum bum". He thinks it is a telephone and will talk into the monitor to the baby and then asks why the baby doesn't say "hi" back. Love him!

My reaction, like I said, shock but pure bliss! I am just beyond grateful that this baby is healthy and growing strong! We are really blessed!

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  1. So excited for you all Beth..can't wait to see her.. You do know that your darling cousin Amy was born about the same time your little girl will make her entrance into our family. Another scorpio...look out. God Bless..Aunt Susan