Friday, June 25, 2010

Safety Town

Charlie graduating from Safety Town

(pictures that Charlie wanted me to take)
Charlie is at Safety Town this week. The house seems empty without him. Thomas really misses him and literally asks for him every half hour or so. He also refuses to play in Charlie's room without him. He calls out for Charlie to "help Arlie" when he is trying to put together his Geotrax train set...but Charlie isn't here. And you should see the big hugs and kisses that Charlie gives Tommy when we go to pick him up! They might throw each other down on the ground in a wrestling fit (ever hour!) but they truly are the best of of friends!

Charlie really enjoyed safety town. They set up a little city in the parking lot and let the kids ride tricycles around on the "street". They have traffic lights and signs and teach the kids how to ride their bikes safely, not take candy from strangers, not to eat cleaning supplies and medicine etc. They had a box that was decorated like a clown and the kids got to choose what to the feed the clown, healthy food, candy, medicine, soap etc. Charlie thought it was hilarious when he fed the clown soap and medicine and the clown (box) threw least he is having fun!

There are also several kids from his Tball team and a little boy he took swimming lessons with at the camp. But Charlie is the kind of kid that makes friends with all the kids or has just as much fun playing independently. He is also one of those kids that people remember, I am hoping it is because of his wonderful good manners and brilliant blue eyes or perhaps his mature sharing skills ;) He is really a good kid, a five year old boy, but none the less, a very good little boy!

Charlie teaching Tommy the "Stop, Look and Listen" song

The end to a great week!

Charlie LOVED Safety Town and wants to go every week!!

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