Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Part I

Trent and his Dad

This year my honey gets to celebrate Father's Day 2 times, but we celebrate how great he is EVERYDAY!! Honestly, the boys are beyond blessed with the Daddy that God choose for them!! And I am SO grateful that I get to witness our boys being loved on, taught by and played with one of the BEST examples of a loving, thoughtful, sensitive, honest, loyal, and motivated man that I have EVER met. Perhaps I am little bias, but sweet heart, you are the BEST in our eyes!!!

We had the privilege of spending the weekend with Trent's Dad, Stepmom and his sister. Words can not even explain how special this was for all of us!! It was wonderful to be with them and watch them with the boys and with Trent and we can't wait to see them again! They were beyond gracious hosts to us and we only wished our visit could of been longer!!

Brian and Pam have a beautiful home and even prettier gardens! The boys loved running through the grounds looking for frogs in the waterfall, helping Grandpa Brian clean the pool and water the flowers.

The fellas had a blast splashing around in Grandpa Brian and Grandma Pam's pool. Charlie even jumped into the deep end all by himself and without any coaching! He was SO brave!
And Thomas LOVED laying on the rafts and being carried around by Daddy.

Daddy had fun on the donut raft
Trent commented on how beautiful Chelsea was, and she is! She is such a sweet and smart young women and our hearts just melted watching her play Legos with Charlie or read to the boys. Charlie said on the way to NY that Aunt Chelsea was going to be his favorite. He really loved everyone, but I think Aunt Chelsea has Charlie wrapped around her little finger!!

Tommy watching a show and having a snack with Grandpa Brian.

Charlie with Grandma Pam

The Guys

The family

I know that Trent had a great Father's Day and I hope his Dad did too!
Next week we are off to celebrate with one of my favorite Daddy!
Happy Father's Day to ALL the great Dad's!

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