Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Update: 35 weeks

(33weeks pregnant, photos courtesy big brother Charlie)

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Baby girl is growing like a weed, she is healthy and strong and quickly filling my abdomen up! I easily become out of breath and depending on the way she is laying keeps me from standing still for more then a few minutes at a time. I am starting to have some mild swelling in my legs and feet and feel like my toes are more sausage like these days then actual toes. I think it is amusing, really.

Physically I am feeling better. For several months I was feeling horrible but it wasn't like any other pregnancy symptom I have ever experienced. I was exhausted beyond belief, just lifting my arm to blow dry my hair took great effort. I was shaky, dizzy and often felt like I might pass out. The worst times were in the morning and it was all I could do to get the boys breakfast and play with them for a few hours. By nap time I was done.

About 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. After being put on a strict diet and following it to a tee, I was unable to maintain my blood sugar levels and was put on insulin. The insulin, though a pain in my bum, well actually stomach :), is making me feel SO much better. I check my blood 4 times a day and take insulin before each meal. I go every week to Diabetes Management to meet with my nurse, who inevitably ups my dosage of insulin at each meeting (this is typical, as the baby grows I will need more insulin), and monitor my levels. They follow pregnant ladies very closely, more so then even their typical diabetic patients. It is a good thing.

I am also now going to my OB every week for ultrasounds and non stress tests to make sure that the baby is not in any distress. Last week little Miss measured in at a whooping 6lbs....that is 2lbs above what she "should" weigh at this point and from here on out she could possibly gain 1/2 to 1lb a week. I don't even want to do the math at how big she could get, it will just be what it is going to be! I am doing my part and that is all I have control of :)

Little lady was breech last week but managed to flip and is now head down...for the moment anyways. My OB and ENDO are at odds about when I should be induced. My ENDO who manages my diabetes says that I shouldn't go past 38w which would put delivery about a week before Halloween. However, my OB won't induce me that early and is planning an induction for November 3rd, which is only 2 days before my due date...ugh! Of course this too could change but this is the plan at the moment.

At this point I am feeling the best I have during this pregnancy. The boys are getting settled into a good school routine, my energy is returning a bit, projects are quickly getting crossed off our list and we are getting excited to see our sweet girl.

Trent has been wonderful! He has listened to all my complaints, my groans, and my fears. He has rubbed my back and feet almost nightly, gone out to get groceries, cleaned the house, ran errands, took the boys out to give me a few minutes to myself, the bottom line.....he is just the best! I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and that God choose him to be the father of my children! This little girl is going to have the best Daddy in the world!


  1. Best wishes to you and congratulations! I wandered here from Cjane's blog, and I tried to think of a new blog name to suggest, but I had a hard enough time coming up with a name for my own. So good luck to you!

  2. Look at you Beth:-)! So happy things are looking up for you! I am hoping this continues for the duration of your pregnancy.

    I was reading over your school posts too, and am glad I did. I was about to buy HWOT for Joe, but will not now for sure. I, too, have been using ETC for handwriting practice and will just stick with that. Thank you!