Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The backyard, yesterday and today

The other day I was fed up with our backyard. We had it all nice and pretty looking at the beginning of the summer. Mulch down, Daisies planted, porch painted. And then life happened. The kids strategically moved the mulch around the yard in their dump trucks, the dog dug up and ate the Daisies and we are in the midst of porch renovations. Oh and did I mention that I am 8 months pregnant and haven't the energy to pull weeds or fill in holes in the garden beds that said children and dog have dug?

Unfortunately, I voiced my disdain for the backyard to my dear, overworked, tired and sick husband and in not such a nice way either. I even think the word "Trashy" was used. Immediate shame and remorse filled my being. I hate it when I catch myself complaining about something so silly as the current state of our flower beds, it is ridiculous really.

Today is a new day. My expectations are more realistic for the season of our lives. The boys and Miss S. are busy in the backyard playing. Miss S and Tommy are pretending that they are "going to Nie Nie and Papa's house" and Charlie is mining (digging holes on the side of the house), the dog eating an orange sand bucket and I am planning curriculum for the next week of school and blogging. The sun is out in full force and the sky is a bright blue, not a cloud in it and it is cool enough for a sweater.

The backyard feels so warm and inviting today, our own little green paradise. It is bright and big and full of laughter, it is beautiful and peaceful.
I apologized to my tired, sick and overworked husband last night. He is so forgiving and loving. He kindly reminded me that there had been a lot of big changes to our little oasis this summer...his way of telling me it is all ok, and it is, it is better then ok!

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