Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend of Fall Fun

We headed to Patterson's to pick some apples this past weekend, only to find out they don't start letting the public pick until the end of September. So the boys enjoyed delicious homemade donuts and fresh pressed apple cider instead. Charlie had a white cake donut with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Tommy had a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and topped with crushed chocolate cookie to look like dirt and a gummie worm. I miss eating sugar....sigh!

Then we headed to the pumpkin patch and drove the wooden tractor for a bit before heading out.

Fall was in the air, it was cool and crisp but so sunny and bright. I got us all it the mode for one of our favorite holidays...Halloween. So while Daddy slept in the boys and I made some cute and quick Halloween decorations for our home.

First we made Mummies. We raided the recycling bin and found an empty milk carton and a coffee can. We spread glue all over them and then the boys pressed down toilet paper as the mummy rags and glued eyes peaking out of the bandages. I think they are so cute!!

Charlie wants to decorate the house all scary this Halloween. Mummys and Monsters seem to be the limit to his idea of "scary" this year....I am grateful! I love Halloween, but not all the gross gory and bloody stuff. So this year I am still safe that my idea of cute and his idea of scary are one in the same ;)

Tommy's monster, Tommy working on his monster, Charlie's monster

We made scary Frankenstein Monsters out of cereal and cracker boxes. I cut out shapes for the boys and they glued the ones down that they choose. Charlie wanted to add stitches to his Frankenstein and Tommy wanted the side pegs on his "happy monster".

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