Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organize, Purge, Plan, Clean

It is that time of year again to organize, purge, plan and clean up our house and lives.  Spring is always a period of rejuvenating for me and this year more then ever.  After having a rough Fall/Winter I am  ready clean house!
flying homemade kites in the mud pit backyard

I have started to slowly go through every closet, bin, basket and cupboard and get rid of everything that needs to go.  I plan to go back through everything and really organize and make it all pretty.  But for now I just need the junk stuff out of the house or at least in a huge pile in the basement waiting to head off to the garage sale!

The kids toys need organizing again.  The basement is now functioning as a playroom and they love it as do I!  It is so nice to have a separate room to house most of their toys and where they can go and play.  This task is just underway and I have a long ways to go but the pile in the basement is growing.  That is a good thing!

We are almost done with our school for the year. We all need a break and are looking forward to lazy summer days :)  I am busy planning Tommy's PreK curriculum for next year and hope to get it all done by May.  Charlie's curriculum comes at the end of June, beginning of July.  When it gets here I will go through all the lessons, worksheets, experiments etc and decide when and what we will be doing and what I need to supplement.  I just bought a new homeschooling mom's daily planner and I can't wait for it to come!

Charlie and Sammie
We were forced to clear our schedules all winter long trying to keep Penny healthy during flu season.  So far it has worked and we are beyond thankful for her health.  It has been a wonderful few months spending lots of time together as a family and focusing on what is really important.  We have really simplified our lives and it feels good.  With Spring right around the corner we will be getting out again.  We have signed the boys up for soccer and this summer they will go to VBS and take swim lessons.

On a personal note, I have begun to shed the baby weight.  I started off strong with WW (Weight Watchers) about 7 weeks ago and easily lost 11 pounds.  Then I got lazy and stopped counting my points and writing down everything I eat.  I haven't gained any, but I haven't lost any since either.  I am SO ready to have a body that slightly resembles my pre-baby body.  I am realistic in knowing it will never be quite the same and that is ok.  I have had three children.  I know some ladies can slim right back down to where they were, but that just isn't my reality.  I am trying to also look at this journey with a new perspective.  I want to focus more on being healthy then how much I weigh.  I know that very soon I will have a precious little girl looking up to me to be an example on many things.  I want to be able to give Penny a positive message when it comes to her body image.

The rain keeps coming but I know that sunny days lay ahead.  I can't wait!!

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  1. Love those boots the boys are wearing!

    I've been in a bit of cleaning, purging and organizing here too.

    Yes, you are so right about Penny looking to you as she gets older for a healthy example of her own self image. I see this in Hanna and have had to make sure I do not ever talk about weight, eating, etc. too much. I do not want her to develop unhealthy habits in these areas ever.

    Good luck with the rest of your Spring Cleaning!