Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine

It has been a long year, waiting to see our beloved Thomas the Tank Engine. This is quickly becoming a yearly tradition, one we just LOVE!

This was our third Day Out With Thomas and it was great! We did things a little different this year. We did not actually ride Thomas but enjoyed all the festivities, bought a new engine of course and had a picnic lunch with our friends!

I told Charlie yesturday that we would see Thomas in the morning. It was the ONLY time that he said "Mama, I want to go to sleep RIGHT now" as I put him to bed last night. He so longed to close his eyes and then to open them to the morning and his day with Thomas! Call it an obsession, an interest, a hobby, call it what you will but I call it LOVE! We were surprised that he was fine with not actually riding the train, never complained about it once. We told him that it wasn't our turn this year and that other kids needed a turn and he was ok with that...phew!

To our suprise, it was our little Tommy that REALLY wanted to ride the train! He would of spent the whole day watching the train go back and forth down the track. Everytime that the train disappeared down the track Tommy would beat his little chest signing "please" and saying "More, more!!!". Next year I think we will have to ride!

Thanks Thomas for another great day, we will see you next year!! We love you!!

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