Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Precious Moments

Never knew a little fish could make my heart swell with love!
Fruit snacks are a treat in our house. When at the lake I let the boys pick out a yummy and Nemo gummies was their treat of choice!
Who knew that orange little Nemos would build their brotherly bond even stronger?
Tommy began to grumble from the backseat, "Mo, Mo Mama". Without even having to glance in the rearview mirror I KNEW that Tommy had just engulfed the entire contents of his Nemo gummies and now was pleading for "Mo".
No "Mo" was to be had, we were plume out. The grumbling grew louder and louder, my explanation for "No Mo" was not going over lightly!
Then another little voice pipped in, "Tommy, I have two gummies left, you can have them"
Yes, sweet Charlie handed over his last two gummies into the delighted pudgy fingers of his little brother.
I am thankful that in that split second when the boys picked out the Nemo gummies for their treat that I said yes. My first instinct was to say no and that they should pick out something with more nutritional value. That precious moment would have been lost, never happened. But it was meant to be and I am grateful that I witnessed it!

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