Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 4: The Kids Bedroom TAKE TWO

Yes folks, you heard me, Spring Cleaning Part 4: The Kids Room TAKE TWO! I did not complete my last task of Spring Cleaning of the boys rooms. My challenge to complete BOTH the boys room in 24 hours was completely, utterly, UNREALISTIC!! Considering that I had a speech to write, a meeting to attend, grocery shopping to do and a trip to pack for. Now, I could of done all of that AND finished my challenge however, our children did need to sleep in their rooms that evening and that did not allowing for midnight madness cleaning!

I will NOT let this small set back put a wrench in my Spring Cleaning, and I WILL finish by June!!

So there is my confession....clean on!

Oh and not only am I going to clean the boys room this week but I am also going to clean the dining room! Ambitious I am!!

Dining Room:
Clean: ceiling fan, pictures and mirror, china cabinet and contents, window, table and chairs buffet, organize buffet and floor.

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