Monday, May 18, 2009


Charlie's first day of preschool
September 2008

It is incredibly difficult to believe that our little Charlie has just completed his first year of school. He had a great first year. He made some new friends, had his first kiss (and I happened to be parent helping that day and caught it!) that stinker!, learned how to write his name, polished his sharing skills ;), went on his first field trip to a grocery store, and was taught by two incredible teachers, Mrs. B and Mrs. S. Mrs. B stole his heart within the first week...SO cute!!

He has learned SO much!!
I still can not believe how much he has grown and changed in the last year! I am SO excited to have him home for the summer but can't wait to see what is waiting for him next year in Pre-K!

Charlie, we are SO proud of you! You are a wonderful little boy who is kind, loving, smart and funny! You are silly and quick to give us love! You make friends easily and you are eager to play with others and have fun. We can not believe how fast you are growing, how quickly the time is going by! We will ALWAYS support you in whatever you want to do, we will ALWAYS love you unconditionally because you will ALWAYS be our baby!
We love you buddy!
Daddy and Mommy

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  1. Hooray for Charlie! Lots of fun behind you, SOOOO much more ahead:)