Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 4 Kids Bedrooms

Ok, so last assignment was the basement and it went pretty well! I purged a TON of stuff and even made some money off of it...yeah for spring cleaning!! There is something about having an orderly and clean (as clean as a basement laundry room can get!) laundry room! Ah...refreshing! Yes people, the small things in life please me!!

This weeks challenge is certainly going to be a challenge!! I have ONE day to complete this...yikes! It shouldn't be that bad as all I need to do is clean the boy's rooms, clean out closets and switch seasonal clothes out.

Plan of attack:

1)clean out closet, pitch and sort items
2) switch out seasonal clothes
3)change bedding (I do change their sheets more then once a year...I promise!) :)
4)wash comforters, mattress pads etc
5)dust ceiling fans
6)wash curtains
7)wash walls, base boards, windows
8)empty out Charlie's dresser and prepare to paint it, put clothes in bins
9)dust knickknacks etc
10)organize toys and books
11) vacuum
12) make beds


  1. You go girl! I always heard about people that wash their walls, just never met anyone who does!! I detest doing the seasonal switch of clothes:(

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the auction!