Monday, April 11, 2011

Tommy's Family Birthday

He had Daddy relight the candles so that Charlie could blow them out as well :)

We always have a friends/family birthday party  and then a family only (Trent, the children and myself, sometimes Nana comes too) birthday dinner on their actual birthday.  We always serve Granny's chocolate cake with coffee chocolate icing...yum!

Tommy decided that he wanted McDonalds for his birthday dinner.  So that is what the boys had, Trent and I ate later in the evening.  And then we sang Happy Birthday and had some cake!

I can't believe that my baby is 4.  For so long I really thought that he was going to be our last baby and treated him accordingly :)  He is such a lovely little soul.  He is our firecracker and has me completely wrapped around his little fingers....most of the time.  He is teaching me patience and unconditional love all at the same time.  I always give him "just one more hug?" each and every night.

Thomas, we love you so much.  You are such a sweet boy and we are so proud of you.  We can't wait to see what this year holds for you!

Daddy and Mama

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  1. We do the same thing with family only on the actual bday and then another small family/friend party at a convenient date. I am glad to know we are not the only ones spoiling our kids with two cakes and parties:-). Sweet to relight the candles too.

    Oh do I know what you mean about being taught patience and unconditional love Beth! Going through that one right now!

    Happy fourth Birthday Tommy!! Blessings for a very healthy and happy year ahead!