Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tooth Fairy

See that sweet little crooked bottom left front tooth?

Well, he wiggled and I pulled.....

and he ate lots of apples and then he pulled and wiggled tonight after lights out and .....

now that sweet little bottom left front tooth is sitting in my hand .

and this kiddo couldn't be prouder and more excited!

and this Mama couldn't be more prouder or excited and a lot little sad at the same time.

And tomorrow night (he opted to hang on to his tooth for a full day, you know, so he could look at it and show it off!) we will place that sweet little bottom left front tooth in this little tooth fairy pillow I made for Charlie.  And in the morning I can only imagine that a very proud and excited little boy will be pleased as punch when he finds the loot that the tooth fairy has left him!

Our boy is growing up. Congratulations Charlie on losing your first tooth!  We love you!

1 comment:

  1. Bless his heart. Know how you feel! I remember the first tooth with Hanna. I don't know why, but with Hanna all these firsts never made me heavy hearted or the least bit sad. Maybe I just didn't realize how fleeting childhood, each day truly was those years back, but now these things hit me hard. There are joy in them, yes, but with each little bit of joy does come a bit of sadness too--bittersweet.

    Charlie is precious! Waiting on Joe's--we are not eating unsliced apples around here--LOL!