Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthday Party: Knights and Dragons

Tommy turns 4 in a few days so we celebrated today with our family and friends.  The theme was Knights and Dragons.  It was CHAOTIC and busy but the kids had a ton of fun and that makes it all worth while.

The kids started off by decorating shields that Trent had made for them.  As well as crowns and wands.  They all looked so cute carrying their shields around and wearing their jeweled crowns!
Tommy growling like a dragon
Then is was off on a Quest to find the lost treasure.  We set up three small stations throughout the house and the kids were given clues to find the next station.  They had to go to the basement and cross the "Moat", the family room to crawl through the "Cave" and the big boys bedroom to the balloon swamp.  The last clue lead them back downstairs to the dining room table where the dragon cake was waiting with all the treasure.
It was crazy  busy in our small house, but the kids had so much fun.  Tommy and Charlie thought it was so cool and were excited to find the treasure. I just loved watching how excited they were!
When I was putting Tommy to bed tonight the last thing he said to me was "Thanks you Mama for makin me that dwagon cake."  Buddy, I would make you a "dwagon" cake any day!  You are so worth all the work and preparations.  To see your sweet face light up when you see your surprise cake or watch you hunt "dwagons" while looking for treasure...that is the kind of stuff I live for!

I just love home birthday parties.  We have lots of family and friends we love to celebrate with and even though we are all crammed in our house like sardines, it doesn't matter.  One day in the not to distant future the kids won't want parties like this, they won't want their Mama to make them fun cakes.  So, I am going to enjoy these moments while I can!

Tommy asked for two presents this year.  A Storm Trooper helmet and a chain saw.  Grandpa got him the chain saw and we got him  the helmet.  He was BEYOND happy!


Penny and the Nana

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  1. I love home parties too Beth. We did the big ones with Hanna till she was 5, but it's been home parties since then. Hanna will be 12 this year and she's already saying she just wants a family party and then for me and Jamie to take just her to The Melting Pot:-). Oh, I hope this lasts! I know exactly what you are saying and feeling in this post!

    I LOVE the cake you made! You are SO good at making cakes! OH, I wish I could make my kids cakes! This is a blessing and such a talent you have.

    This looked like it was a super fun and special party. I LOVE that last picture of Tommy in his helmet and chain saw, bless his sweet heart!

    Happy Birthday Tommy!!