Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 months, Penny Jane

 Penny is 10 months old.  I can barely believe that I am already thinking about her 1st birthday party! CRAZY!
 The girl is such a peach, great personality, fabulous smile.  She loves to give hugs and open mouth kisses. :)
 She also is developing a fierce independence when it comes to her food.  She only wants food that she can feed to herself and then she is picky at best. 
 Miss Penny now has 6 teeth.  She cut three at the same time and was a trooper even though it was obvious that she was not comfortable. She is also now taking more milk by a cup/bottle but still prefers to nurse.
 She is also starting to stand a little bit more and has taken  a few steps while holding on to our hands.  Her legs are still so wobbly and I doubt that she will be walking before the year mark.  Which is just fine with me!
 She is also a bit sneaky and LOVES to try and eat our shoes that hang out by the back door.  Gross, I know. She will do a mad crazy army crawl dash across the room, stop and look at me with the same sneaky little look like in the picture above.  Once she knows I have seen her, she lets out a squeal and then whips around and races for the shoes.  I always catch her in time :)
I think my favorite thing that has happened this month with Penny is that her sweet whispy hair has started to come in a bit more in the back.  It actually has a curl to it and Penny loves to play with it while she falls asleep on my chest.  She also has started to rub her ear like I have done since I was a little girl :)  So sweet!

We love you to pieces Miss Penny and are having the best time watching you grow!

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