Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of School

 The boys started school today.  Charlie is in first grade and Tommy, PreK.
 After we told the boys that we would no longer be homeschooling we had two days of major complaints.  Charlie took it the hardest. But after two days both boys turned a corner and started to get really excited for the new adventure that lay before them.  I think the matching Mario Kart backpacks and light up Spider Man shoes helped :) 
 Tommy was ready to go to school last week.  In fact when we went to church on Sunday he loaded up his backpack and had it in the car ready to go.  He thought we were going to school, not church.  On his first day of school he had a great time.  He told me that he wanted me to take him first in the morning because he was so excited.  Then when we got there he said he wanted to walk in by himself :)  Even though he had so much fun, he said the best part was at the end when I picked him up.  What a sweet boy!

And this little stinker had a good day too.  I love his new little smirk!  I think the adjustment will be the hardest on him since he is older and going for a longer period of time.  But he has a great teacher and she is more then happy to help him transition.  In fact, she emailed me 2 times the first day with updates.   Charlie did have a great first day and talked in detail about some projects they made, games he played with the other kids etc.  They also tested him on his reading skills.  This is something that they do for all new students in the district.  Our boy who doesn't love reading, scored very well and his teacher was rather impressed ;)  So proud of our little guy!!!

So, the first day went better then we expected and everyone had fun!  The house was strangely quiet and by 10am I was calling Trent telling him how painful the silence was :)  I truly missed our boys but I was so happy that they were happy and doing so well.

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