Thursday, September 22, 2011

Falling in Love

These two are too much! Look at Penny's little smirk.  She is a spitting image of her biggest brother!

   Penny has many Lovie's.  The boys picked out a pink elephant that Charlie named Ellie, before Penny was even born.  It was the gift they gave her at the hospital after birth.  Her cousins also bought her a lovie.  A white bunny with a soft pink blanket.  And then there is Teddy, or Ted.  A very small white-ish teddy bear.  He was the first thing I allowed in her crib with her and choose him because he was so tiny.
 But despite having all her lovies, she does favor Ted, she hasn't really formed any real attachments with them.  She has however, fallen head over heels for Charlie's Lovie!  She squeals when she sees Lovie and clasps him in her chubby little hands.  Charlie allows her to play with Lovie, but always laughs and says "Oh Penny!", because Lovie always come back to him covered in a blanket of Penny slobber :)
When I bought Lovie for Charlie, before he was born, I also bought a replacement Lovie.  Yes, it is true, there is more then one Lovie!  I hid second Lovie deep in my dresser and he is identity was never revealed.  Until the other day.  Charlie was playing with Penny in the kitchen and commenting how he wished there was another Lovie that Penny could have, just like his.  I asked him how that would make him feel if he knew there was another Lovie.  I didn't want to spoil the love he has for her because it is so sweet.  It didn't phase him at all and he was more then excited to find out that he could give his little sister a Lovie that she loved.

In fact, when he placed the brand new looking Lovie on Penny's highchair tray and she grabbed him up like she was going to devour his blue velour, Charlie explained "Look Mama! She is falling in love!".

Sweetest boy ever! And now Penny has her own true Lovie.

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