Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Season

Some of our fondest memories of homeschooling the last 2 years.

The boys have really changed during this time, grown in so many ways.

They have learned to read, write, and cherish time together as a family.  The latter being the most important to me.

From the very beginning we said that we would keep an open mind to their schooling.  I have often prayed that God would direct us in this area for we can not raise these babies without Him!

So, with a peace that I have not felt in a long time but with also a sad heart, we have decided to end our homeschooling days.  I am excited for our boys and the adventures that await them and yet hesitant, but trusting.

Charlie and Tommy, I have loved being your teacher and will continue to be.  Whether you are in a traditional school, or at home, it doesn't matter.  Our family is based on love. Built on faith, loyalty, and friendship.  We will continue to teach you of Jesus' love, and the truly important things in life.  We will always look back on the last 2 years with fond memories and a grateful heart for time spent together.  We are so proud of all the things that you have learned, all the fun things we have done and the miles and miles of growth you have made!  You are wonderful boys, God's greatest gift to us and we cherish each and every moment we spend with you.  We are excited for all the things you will learn, the fun you will have and the friends you will make. 
We love you.
Daddy and Mommy

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  1. Oh, Beth, I am honestly, teary eyed as I read this.

    I pray you are at peace with your decision and that your boys will be blessed with a loving, morally strong school environment.

    I will be emailing you. I am concerned and praying for you.