Thursday, April 9, 2009

Call me crazy.....but I did it!!

For months I have been researching, pricing out and asking other moms the ins and outs of......cloth diapering....gasp, I know, even the thought of it is scary. It is funny that even now, that is my first reaction.

When I think of cloth diapers I think of my Aunt Patti and Uncle Shermans old house with white soiled CLOTH diapers soaking in the toilet. Or the side table drawer in the spare bedroom at my Granny's house that held the last few diaper pins from when I actually wore cloth diapers. I loved to look at them, I was fascinated by the duck head shaped pins and their light pastel colors.

But when I REALLY think of cloth diapers, I think YUCK, mess, to much trouble, and what do you do with the poop? But I also think, I am SO done spending a ton of money on diapers and we even buy the generic of generic brands AND I hate the fact that each of my children has produced 2 tons of waste (diapers) that will take over 500 YEARS to break down in some landfill!! It is hard for my brain to even comprehend those numbers!!

So, with Trent on board, I did it! I ordered 4 Kushie Ultra AIO (all in one) cloth diapers and a pack of 5 soakers that I can add during naps and bedtime. I wanted a diaper that was water proof on the outside because I didn't want to deal with plastic covers and wraps. I was also looking for a brand that was easily washed and dried. And price mattered too! So Kushie it was!

They came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to put them on my little guy! Now, let me just preface that I have decided that at least in these next few days, weeks, I will only be using the cloth diapers at home. Typically we are out and about in the mornings and home for the remainder of the day. So, Tommy will be in disposable diapers in the morning and then before lunch he will be switched over to cloth. He typically only goes through 6 diapers a day, including naptime and bedtime. I figure that if this is the method we use, disposable in the morning and cloth the rest of the time, then he will only use 1-2 disposable diapers a day. My goal is to get him totaly on cloth. However, friends and church daycare providers have no fear....I won't send Tommy in cloth to your home or for Sunday school. Even though I find them incredibly easy to use, I don't expect you to dump and soak my kiddos diapers! Just wanted to reassure you!!

So far the experience has been GREAT!! They are far easier to use then I could of expected, we have have had no leaks and Tommy can be a leaker!! Also, one of our biggest struggles was Tommy SOAKING himself during the night, despite frequent middle of the night changes!! It was so frustrating, laundry was building up and Tommy was having disruptive sleep because of it!! No leaks as of yet!!

The laundry aspect of it is very simple as well. Granted, I am using more water then normal, but for me it out weighs the land fill issue and is far cheaper then buying disposable diapers! All I have had to do is soak them for a bit in the washing machine, run them through the rinse cycle with cold water and then wash them with warm water and a little bit of detergent. Not so bad!!

Even though Tommy looks very cute in his new diapers and has been very excited to tell Daddy what animal or picture is on them, there are a few things I am not thrilled about. First being that I had NO idea how big the diapers were!! Part of the reason I am only having him wear them at home right now is because most of his pants don't fit on over them!! Talk about some junk in the trunk!! Sweats and elastic pants fit better, jeans are a bit snug. I think once he can wear short it will be easier! Also, the diapers are really bulky and Tommy is getting use to them. He tugs at them and pats his bottom....kind of cute! But besides their bulkiness they are great and I am sold!!

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