Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Devotional Ephesians 3:19

May you experience the love of Christ. . . . Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:19

Funny how things end up happening! I ask for answers and I receive them!
The last 24 hours were certainly not my best! Ok, I am being a bit mellow dramatic but honestly, it has been a struggle! Whether I was disciplining Charlie unsuccessfully, having a spat with my honey, feeling incomplete, alone and frustrated, it has been a bit of a pity party for Beth...shall we say!

But the crazy thing is that even through all that garbage, I hit my knees and asked for help! More then once might I add! The even crazier thing is that God sent me an answer. And guess what?! Our God is SO hightech that He sent it via email! Yep, you heard me right!! My Daily Devotional that is sent to my inbox every morning was Ephesians 3:19 and it couldn't of been more appropriate or welcomed!

See, through the love of Christ I AM full, I am NOT alone and I HAVE the answers! All I need is to open my heart and FEEL Jesus' love! And I know how His love feels, I truly know the feeling!! When I am open to His love, I certainly am filled with His Power!

Chaois and self pity ALWAYS come pouring in when my eyes are not lifted upward! This I KNOW is true!! When my day slips away from me and I am tired, when I allow myself to become overwhelmed and overburden, then I do not feel the love of God. I am then NOT filled with the fullness of life nor do I feel the Power that comes from Him!

Thank you Lord for the answer!! Your Word is the answer to ALL things! My heart and eyes are open to accept them!

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