Monday, April 13, 2009

The Series Spring Cleaing Part 1

Spring is here and our house needs a cleaning! I have never actually completed a "Spring Clean" and this year I am more then motivated to do so!! To help me keep the motivation and to record my plan of attack so I can determine what works and what does not, I will be posting a Spring Cleaning Series for the next few weeks on Mondays. I hope to accomplish all of the "To Dos" on my list by June 1st.

The Kitchen:
Time allotted: 2 hours

1)15 minute clean up: put away dishes, declutter
2)wash corners and walls
3)clean art on walls
4)apply oven cleaner and clean the outside, top and inside of refrigerator
5)clean outside of stove
6)clean small appliances, including microwave
7)clean out kitchen cabinets, get rid of items we don't use
8)wash counters and cabinets
9)wipe down and clean out drawers
10)wash sink and garbage disposal (baking soda and lemon)
11)clean out pantry, wash and sort
12) wash trash can
13)clean carpet
14)sweep, wash base boards and mop floor

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