Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goals for 2009

Ok, so I know that we are about 1/4 of the way through the year already, but it is never to late to make personal goals! I am not one to stick to or even make New Year's resolutions, but goals.....I can do that!

Of course I have goals for myself and Trent and I have goals for the future of our family but for some reason Phoebe over at Cents To Get Debt-Free has inspired me and has made the whole goal setting process very simple! Go check her out....she has some great ideas!

So here go my goals for 2009:

Religious/Spiritual goals: To read scripture everyday. To join a Bible study at our church. To make a time each day that as a family we read scripture and talk about it with the kids (looking for a devotional book for preschoolers if anyone has any suggestions). To work on and deepen my relationship with and understanding of the Holy Spirit.

Financial: To gain complete FREEDOM from credit card debt. This we hope to accomplish by September 2009. Then once free from cc debt we want to sock away savings for our emergency fund. We also want to start saving for Charlie's preschool next year and for a family vacation for summer 2010.

House goals: To accomplish a thorough Spring cleaning of the entire house and garage. To be more organized and more efficient. My goal is to complete Spring cleaning by June 1st and garage cleaning by July 1st. To finish the ceiling in the basement and to refinish the hardwood floors.

Marriage goals: To have a monthly date night with my honey! To plan a get away of 2 nights with Trent, kid free. :) To be more of a help mate to Trent and to make our home more of a haven for him to come home to!

Children goals: To design a curriculum for the summer for the boys. It should contain a theme for each week, crafts, science, literary, and music sections. To find a daily devotional book for preschoolers/toddlers and spend time each day reading, discussing it and praying with them.

Personal goals: To exercise at least three times a week. To read a book a month. Not over commit, simplify.

Gardening goals: To plant 2 types of vegetables this year in containers.

So, I think that is it and if it isn't I can always add to my list! I hope to post an update every Friday to monitor my success on these goals!


  1. That is a great list!

    Do you know what kinds of veggies you are wanting to plant? Our vegetable garden was a big money saver for us last year--looking forward to ours this year.

    I love how you have set a date to get your spring cleaning done. I've never thought of that before--but that would be a great motivator for me to get it done! Lord knows I need it! :)

    Good Luck on your goals (and getting free from your CC debt)!

    TY for the shout out. :)

  2. Hi Beth,
    I just can't believe that I haven't thought to check if you had a blog until now! You have been such a wonderful new "friend" to our family, even though we haven't met:) Thank you for your faithful support of Brady through prayer and kind words!
    Your blog is great and I'm now a follower! Your goals made me think "Yikes, I should probably consider at least one goal for myself if Beth is tackling all of these!"
    You go girl!
    Brady's Mom