Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 3 Basement

So far, so good! I really surprised myself this week when I accomplished cleaning both bathrooms thoroughly!! I did divide and conquer and didn't clean both bathrooms on the same day! I literally counted the minutes until I had completed this task!

On to BIGGER and better things! This week I will actually assign myself 2 Spring Cleaning tasks, cleaning of the Basement and sorting through all the boys' toys. My mother in law is coming to visit next week and so the basement, which also serves as our guest quarters, needs to be in ship shape. And this weekend I am taking a TON of stuff to a kids resale shop and so I need to finish going through the kids stuff. Hence 2 tasks.

Toy sorting:
1) Go through toys in Charlie and Tommy's room, the family room and the basement.
2) Sort toys into categories, donate, keep, sell and throw out.
3)Pack up toys to donate and donate.
4)Throw out broken toys.
5) Divide toys to keep into storage, Charlie's room, Tommy's room, basement and family room bins.
6)Pack up toys to sell and place in car

1) Go through all miscellaneous items and put in proper place.
2)Clean walls and baseboards.
3) Clean pictures, tv, fish tank.
4)Sweep and vacuum the floors.
5)Prepare bed.
6) Replace toys in appropriate places.
*Laundry room:
1)make sure craft project area is organized
2)make sure pantry is organized
3)organize desk
4)list text books to sell or get rid of them
5)bag cans for NY

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