Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter! We started the day by going to church to celebrate that our Christ has Risen, He Has Risen Indeed!!!!

Before we left for church, Charlie hid an Easter egg that he had colored,

for the Easter Bunny. You know, because the Easter Bunny would probably be hungry because he has a lot of houses to hop to!! Luckily for us, the Easter Bunny found the egg and thoroughlyenjoyed it...see the proof?

The boys "found" their baskets.
Charlie's was hidden amoung the countless trucks and wagons in the toy corner.
Tommy's basket had been thoughtfully placed behind his "house".
They had a great time looking for their baskets, reading their Easter books and eating all the yummy chocolate treats!

We then had our Sunday brunch fare, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, cheesey scrambled eggs and orange juice. Yummy!! Thanks honey, you make the BEST breakfast!! Then it was naps.

After naps it was off to Aunt Susie and Uncle Greg's house where we had a delicious dinner of ham, cheesey potatos, macaroni and cheese and a little raspberry yogurt number that was incredible!! It was so nice to visit with family that we had not seen in awhile, catch up via webcam with cousins afar, and of course....see Grandma and Grandpa!

Easter was fabulous!

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