Thursday, January 13, 2011

Country Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas down at Nie Nie and Papa's house this year.  It was good to be together Christmas morning.  There is nothing like watching the children fly down the stairs with excitement to see if Santa had brought them their treats!

On Christmas Eve we put out cookies and milk for the Jolly Ole Elf, carrotts for the reindeer and also special reindeer food, made form oatmeal and glitter, out on snow so the reindeer could find their way to the big house.  Santa obviously didn't have a problem finding us this year, even way back off the dirt roads in the country!

Santa even has special wrapping paper!!
Tommy and Charlie opening their "Santa" presents.
Tom was SO excited!!

Santa brought him the drum set he wanted

and the trumpet

All the boys got LEGOs

Charlie got the Buzz and Woody LEGO train set he wanted.  The fellas went right to work building it.

The day wouldn't be complete without a ride on Grandpa's loader!

There was sledding

and naps

rides on Nie Nie's tractor

and snow wagon rides with cousins

 musical shows being put on by the children

and lots of time to catch up

There was good fun in the newly remodeled kitchen (you DID IT Dad!!)

lots of smiles at the kids table

and a beautiful Christmas spread

We celebrated this little girls 1st Christmas

ah, I love that handsome man!

and of course, there was plenty of time spent with Grandpa and his Christmas train.

Our biggest gift this year!
We celebrated the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, and thanked Him for the promise of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  This year, that has much more meaning to me then any other. For though we celebrated and laughed and ate and were merry, we were all missing our beloved Jane.

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  1. Oh Beth, y'all had a really special Christmas from the looks of all these pictures. And so much fun too with all the sledding, tractor rides and just being with family. I loved seeing all these pictures.

    I also like the boys musical instruments they got--I hope they are having a blast with them!