Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Santa

Dear Santa,
I want Buzz and Woody Train Lego
Charlie's list
Tommy's list: Horn and Drums

Penny meeting Santa

The boys telling Santa what they would like for Christmas.
The children with Santa
The boys were so excited to see Santa this year. For weeks they asked when we were going to see him. They were very cute making their lists. Charlie wrote his all by himself and Tommy drew a trumphet and a drum set. Penny slept through her first encounter with the jolly ole elf and Tommy was kind of bummed that he didn't get a chance to actually sit on Santa's lap. He could not of been sweeter about it and I regret that we didn't stop and ask Santa if he could. Tommy was too cute and when he was about to go up to Santa he looked at me with panic in his eyes and said "Mom! we forgot our list!!!". And as any quick thinking mother, I told him that we leave the list with the cookies on Christmas Eve so that Santa remembers what exactly they want. He bought it...phew!
The magic is still alive. Charlie has asked a few questions but I always ask him what he believes and that as long as he believes in Santa then Santa will bring him a present. I hope it last for many more years to come. I just love it and watching them have fun with Santa.

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