Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss Penelope Jane

I write this from Penny's hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic. She is resting comfortably now, or at least as comfortable as one can be with an iv in their scalp, tape all over their body, probes stuck to their chest and a monitor strapped to their foot.

Friday she was admitted to Hillcrest Hospital after being diagnosed with RSV. Sunday she was transported by ambulance from Hillcrest to the Cleveland Clinic after a day long battle with this horrible illness. It took them 3 hours, yes, 3 hours to get an iv in her! And when they finally got it in it had to be in her scalp since they had exhausted all other possibilities.

It has been hard to watch them poke our sweet babe repeatedly with needles, to hold her down and suction her little nose before, during and after each feed, to give her countless breathing treatments as she fought my hold while sitting on my lap. It has been difficult to be trapped behind the "Cautious Contagious by Contact and Droplet" sign that is plastered on our door and to have those that enter gown up, masks and all.
Harder yet is being away from the boys, our little boys who are sick as well. For me the decision is an easy one, as it is already determined. I can not leave since I am Penny's only food source, Trent though has to make that tough decision each day. I miss their little smiles and big bear hugs. I know that they will be ok. Besides, they have the best care in town....Daddy and Nana as back up :)

Yes, this has been hard for us. A trial if you will. But as I look at our sleeping beauty next to me I think of how difficult it must be on her. Her little body is fighting so hard, I see it with each labored breath she takes and behind her red swollen eyes.

Each day she is getting stronger and I have faith she will be well soon. Our God has been good to us, to our Penelope Jane. Even though she is one sick little girl, she could of been so much sicker. We could of lost her Sunday when she stopped breathing twice, we could of lost her. But we did not and as my mom told me yesterday "Each day is a miracle". Yes Nana, indeed it is!
There are so many people praying for her, people we don't even know, people in different states, people next door, friends and family, people in the blog world, at church, doctors and nurses. Thank you for your prayers, we feel them and God is answering them!!!
Get well dear Penelope, get well!

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  1. Still praying Beth. Please make sure to keep me up to date as to how Penelope is and when you come home. Thinking about you off and on all day and just praying today has brought more healing and strength to Penny and your boys.