Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kindergarten: Mummy week 2

We had a pretty good week this week.  The girls that I watch started back this week, so that meant I had 5 kiddos all under the age of 6 two days a week.  We managed to get some school work done on those days as well.
  Charlie continued with his core subjects, phonics and math.  Both boys were able to do several science lessons based on measurement.  We used a hand graph to see how long and short several household items were, we filled up cups with different amounts of water to compare different weights and we learned about how things are hot and cold.  We even got to use our beloved snow for this experiment!

We then had a spontaneous art lesson when we added food coloring to the water and mixed them to make the different colors we wanted to use in our ice cube suncatcher.  This was a fun project that we all enjoyed.

Our theme for Kindgergarten continues to be about ancient Egypt and mummies.  We are now reading another Magic Treehouse book (Mummies and Pyramids) that dives deeper into the subject.  The boys are learning about the Nile River and how ancient Egyptians use to live.  We are being selective on what we read to them and teach them on this subject.  At this time we feel that Charlie and certainly Tommy are too young to fully grasp and be able to process the details of mummification and the burial traditions of the Ancient Egyptians.  This is a topic that we will certainly revisit in the future.  I have already found some other great projects to do, like mummifying a  chicken or even better yet...BARBIE!!! too funny!

One of our big projects for the week was our mummy paper mache face.  We mixed up our flour/water mixture and used toilet paper to make the facial features.  Charlie did a great job and had fun in the sticky goo!  We let the faces dry for a few days and then painted them. 

The boys also did snowflake resist water color paintings and shape snowmen to go along with Tommy's theme for the week of Snow/Winter. They turned out so cute!

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