Sunday, January 23, 2011

Preschool theme: Winter

 This week we focused on all things Winter/ snow for Tommy's school time this week.
We made snowball cookies. Tommy loves to help in the kitchen.  He calls me "Big Chef" and insists that I call him the "Little Chef".  Oh, how I long for him to stay this sweet forever!!

For a fun craft the boys made snowmen out of shapes.

We also made an ice cube sun-catchers. 
We all had fun doing resist snowflake paintings. I used a white crayon and drew snowflakes on a piece of white paper. Then the boys painted with water colors over the paper to "find" the snowflakes. Tommy loved watching the colored water pull away from the wax on the paper. It was a fun project!

Tom also did a few worksheets from focusing on the letter A and the number 2.
 We practiced our letters in flour and then made paper mache snowman faces.

Tommy continues to amaze me.  We are just starting to do formal instruction with him with regards to the alphabet and number recognition.   He can write his name and can correctly identify most of the alphabet.  Yesterday at lunch I was reviewing the sounds that all the letters make with Charlie.  Tommy knew every single one of them and answered with lightening speed.  I was shocked but very proud of our sweet boy!

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  1. I can't remember exactly how old Tommy is? He is doing great though, and looks like he is so happy in the pictures above. Oh, I need desperately to do more with my Jack in the area of school stuff. I feel so guilty about it almost every day. I am just so tired when it comes time to plan more after the older kids, but he would love it and needs it too...

    I love your crayon resist winter pictures and ice cube suncatchers--that's a super fun idea.

    Meant to tell you, the idea of the snow inside with trucks and the spray bottle of colored water was over the top! Thank you! Now, if we can get some more snow I'm going to give them both a try:-).