Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is a hard job

Tonight as I was tucking the boys in for the 57th time Charlie said the funniest/saddest thing. They were misbehaving and I not only was giving them "the" look, but I was being rather stern.  You know, because I had already tucked them into bed 56 other times.

I felt bad for being so mean, I hate being stern with them, and obliged when Tommy asked me to "lay down wif me?".  I am a sucker for my kids!  I am sure that is why I have to tuck them in 57 times every night.
From above I hear this little voice, he sounded so empathetic to my frustration.  "Mom, it is a really hard job taking care of us isn't it?!"  

Pride, guilt, impressed, mainly guilt, tugged at my heart.

Of course I over compensated and went on to explain that being a  Mommy was the job I always wanted, prayed for, it was not difficult, not at all.

Do I smile or cry?- I haven't made up my mind yet.

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