Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lovely Day

 Today was a lovely day.
I sat around in my new pj's for part of the day.
I cuddled with Penny on the couch for as long as we both wanted, it was glorious.
I did some laundry and made our bed.
I ate a huge piece of Charlie's chocolate birthday cake.
I watched cartoons with Tommy and made chocolate milk for Charlie.
I emptied my closet of maternity clothes. Well, most of them anyways.
I took a shower in the middle of the day, alone, which is unheard of.
I gave all 3 kids baths and had them in bed by 7pm- GO ME!
I spent the evening missing my love and got some spiritual enlightenment.

Today, was a lovely day-because I was with them.


  1. Lovely post. And any day that involves chocolate twice is going to be a winner in my book.

  2. Ha! Love that comment above:-). I agree with you Beth, being together is surely the most important, best thing ever!! Glad you had such a wonderful day too.