Thursday, February 26, 2009

"A little QUIET please!!"

Perched in his carseat amoungst books, a slew of musical toys, half eaten snacks that are crushed and rubbed methodically into the grey carpet, atop of a screeching brother who is desperately trying to sing "You are my sunshine" (even though he can't say any of the words yet!) I hear a little voice. He starts off in a quiet voice, a technique Daddy and I have been trying with little brother when we want to get his attention, "Could we have some quiet...please". Screeching continues from the brown eyed brother. In the rear view mirror I see his frustration mounting. Up goes the hand in the "Stop" kind of way, so Mommy, "Tommy isn't havin quiet time Mama!!", voice is now a scream, he knows to be heard he must or otherwise his little words will be lost in his brother's ramblings. "Quiet!!!!"....please!"

He is so polite in his requests! Yet, they don't produce the quiet that he so longs for. Mama hushes the wee one, for a minute, maybe a minute thirty, but then the screeching begins all over.

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  1. Awwww! Poor guy. He just needed some quiet! At least you tried to help out and quiet the little one.