Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday Fiona Whitt

October 11, 2006 - January 30, 2009

I don't know this little girl or her family personally. However, their story has touched me deeply. I came across Jessica and Charley's blog,, purely by accident, or was? Since coming across Tuesday's story, about 48 hours ago, this little girl and her family have brought to light two very important things to me!

I suffer from great "mommy guilt". I often question how I handled situations with the kids, was I kind to them, was I too strict, was I overbearing, did I spend enough time actually playing with them or did I obsess to much about trivial things like cleaning? It seriously can keep me up at night.

This last week Trent was out of town, I worked alot, and there was a lot on the calendar. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. I lost my temper with the kids, I felt kind of blue, I didn't sleep much (because Trent wasn't here), my point is that I just was out of sorts and the "mommy guilt" was in full force. I would rationalize my behaviour and say that all moms have bad moments, and yes we all do, but I KNOW that I can do SO much better. I just have to make the choice and then do it!

Then I stumbled upon little Tuesday and a post that her mother made just a few days before Tuesday went to be with the Lord. Her mom talked about how she was nursing Tuesday, remembering how she had nursed her 2 years before in that same place, the only difference was that this time her sweet child was dying.

HOW blessed am I that my two sweet children are healthy and alive!! HOW blessed am I that I can run upstairs and peak into their rooms and see two little boys soundly sleeping?! HOW blessed am I that I can feel their arms wrap around my neck and feel their little kisses on my check! HOW blessed am I get to referre their squabbles, wipe their bottoms, cook their meals, drive them to school etc. Truly, HOW blessed am I?

Tuesday has made realize just how much I have taken my children for granted and her journey has showed me a whole new perspective on life! They might not always be here and I need to make the most of each day, of each moment!

Like Tuesday, her parents seem to be very amazing people with a true love for the Lord. It is amazing the strength that they have! Their story just further cements what I know is true. That regardless of what life throws at me if I trust in Him and keep my sight upward then anything is possible. I might not understand the Plan that God has for me and I certainly don't understand why Jessica and Charley lost thier sweet little girl. But I DO believe that God will give them strength and that through Him they can find peace.

Tomorrow the Whitt family is celebrating Tuesdays short little life with "Waggie Rides" and friends and family. I will keep them in my prayers tomorrow and I hope you do to!

Let us all remember how short life is and to treat each other with love and kindness!

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