Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who says you can't get anything for FREE!!!

Who hasn't heard the expression, "Nothing in life is free", I certainly have! And I would of agreed with that statement up until 3 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I decided to take my "couponing" (is that a word?!) to a new level. I ventured onto the internet and found some great blogs that actually send me an email and tell me what stores are having what sales and where I can find the coupon to go with the sale. Go here to visit one of my favorite money saving blogs!

"So what" you say. Stores always have sales and anyone can buy a Sunday newspaper that is full of coupons, how does that equal=FREE! Matching certain sales with certain coupons=FREE and thanks to the above blog I have gotten a bag of FREE cat food, FREE shampoo and FREE toothpaste.

Ok, so many of you probably think that I have lost my marbles for getting SO excited about a FREE bag of cat food! But it isn't the cat food that I am excited about, Sammie is, but for me it means that my wallet is fuller at the end of the day and to me that is why I get SO excited!!


  1. Thanks for the great tip about that blog.
    In this economy, it's perfectly acceptable to get excited about free cat food :)

    BTW Thank you for all of your lovely comments.
    You have a beautiful family that I look forward to getting to know :)

    Blessings. Debi

  2. Thanks Debi!! You are my very 1st comment on the blog!!! Yeah!! Thanks for checking us out!

    I just love your blog and your family is such an inspiration!!