Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Night Mr. Ratchet came to town.....

Procrastinating the inevitable bedtime I was asked to tell a story and hence the adventures of Mr. Ratchet. Not a remarkable story by any means but as I finished Char said "Mommy, that was the GREATEST story, tell again!" Thanks kiddo, you just made my day!

Mr. Ratchet was the adventurous type and always up for having fun! He was packing his suitcase, eager about his trip to Timbucktwo. In his suitcase he put some shampoo, underpants, peanut butter, and his Lovie. He then drove his little car to the airport where he got on an airplane and flew ALL the way over to Timbucktwo.

Now, Timbucktwo was mostly a jungle. And in that jungle there lived many animals. There was the fierce Lion, "RRRRRROOAAR", and there was a bird "SQQQWAK", and a monkey "Hooo, Hooo, Haaaa", and a Cow "Moooo". Now Cows don't typically live in a jungle, they usually live on a?....Farm. But not this cow, she lived in the jungle of Timbucktwo.

So, Mr. Rachet traveled all around Timbucktwo. He rode through the long rivers on a boat "vrrrrooom", around the twisty curvy trails on a donkey "he haw, he haw", and through the cities on a bouncy jeep "beep beep".

And on his adventure, Mr. Rachet stopped at a hospital to see if there were any people that he could help. The hospital was filled with people, one person had a bandage on their head, one person had a head ache and one person had diarrhea...ewwww. Well, Mr. Ratchet knew that he certainly could not help the person with diarrhea...ewwww, but then he saw something rather odd, a monkey in the hospital. The Monkey's name was Simon.

"Come here little monkey, why are you in the hospital" said Mr. Ratchet. "hoo, hoo, haaa, eeee" said the Monkey holding up his little paw. "Let me help you" Said Mr. Ratchet and he began to pull little bottles and white bandages from his black bag. He put some lotion the Simon's paw and wrapped it with a bandage. Simon felt much better. "There you go Simon, now you can go home to your family" "hhhheeee, heee, ho" said Simon looking rather sad. "Oh, you don't have any place to go? Well, you can come home with me!"

And with that Mr. Ratchet and Simon rode the bouncy jeep through the cities "Beeepp Beeeep" and rode the donkey around the twisty curvy trails, "heee haw, Heee haw" and took the long ride over the rivers of Timbucktwo by boat "vrrrrommmnn". And finally they said goodbye to the cow "Mooo", the monkey "hoooo, hooooo, ha", the bird "sqwakkkk" and the fierce lion "RRRRoooar". Lastly they boarded the plane and flew to Mr. Ratchet's house. And Simon was so happy.

I love you Char!


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