Friday, February 27, 2009

The Art of Goodnight

Sometimes the days muddle into one another. Yesterday mixes with tomorrow and today is a faint memory. I lose precious moments, priceless phrases, a smile that brings tears to my eyes. There are to many to write down, more then I can simply remember. There are countless daily acts that make my heart full.

But tonight I can't, I won't forget the Art of Goodnight!

Many months ago the act of bedtime became tedious, almost torture for our weary bodies and minds. The mere goal was lights out, however that could be accomplished! We had diverted from our strict routine, given into to many nightly requests and now felt the wrath of manipulation. If I hated bedtime, then I can only imagine how the wee people felt being tucked in by the Incredible Grouches!

I knew things couldn't continue the way they were. But how could we transition from day to night in a fun and loving way? And that is when I discovered the Art of Goodnight. It would of been easier had it been a book I picked up at the local library, but no such luck. This technique came to us simply by accident, some of us have perfected it better then others, but we are all just mere students.

And before tonight, our beloved bedtime rituals, yes I said beloved!, didn't carry a name. But as I sat rocking Thing #2, eating his face, feeling his arms wrap around my head, hearing the laughter bellow from his belly, the name hit me. As I cradled Thing #1 in my arms, nibbled on his nose, purred into his ear, the name stuck.

You see, the Art of Goodnight is about laughter, about love. We want our children to know how much we love them each and every night. We want them to snuggle into bed and close their eyes with a smile on their face. We want them to be happy as they drift into sleep.

Granted, some nights are about how fast teeth can be brushed, bottoms cleaned and books read. But more times then not I cherish those last few minutes of the day. A time to reflect and to laugh, to cuddle and to love.

Last night as I was about to put Char to bed we snuggled in Daddy and Mommy's bed. He looked up at me with those brilliant blue eyes, held his Lovie close, and said "Mommy, I want to snuggle everyday long", I want to snuggle "everyday long" too!

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder. Too often i find myself rushing with the goodnights and I need to remember to slow down and enjoy those quiet moments with the kids more.