Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost like Heaven!!

Today was a great day!! It was actually in the 60's and the snow is all but gone!! For today anyways!! The sun wasn't peeking it's head out much from behind the grey clouds, but that didn't matter!! The warmth of the air was enough to make me giddy and to let myself even think for a moment that SPRING is right around the corner!!

The kids and I headed outside after naps for adventure and playing in the muddy, yet glorious backyard! Oh, how much we all have missed our backyard, our refuge!! In the summertime we are outside all day long and we just love it!

I played with the kids a little and then let them have at it. Doing their own thing, exploring the mud, the last bit of snow pile, the aftermath of weeks of snow and rain and uck! It is amazing to me how much garbage collects in ones yard during the winter months. And honestly I don't think any of it was from us...gross!!! But the kids didn't care and neither did I really. We were just SO grateful to be OUTSIDE and not bundled to the hilt with gloves and snow pants etc!

Charlie was ALL about the snow pile, sorry the "construction site". He thought it was great fun to put the snow in his dump truck etc. I know he can't wait for his sandbox to be up and running again!!

And Tommy, well I have to say I was impressed with how much he has changed since summer! He scaled the jungle gym and flew down that slide before I could get up from my lounging to run over and assist. As my Dad always says "He's such a big boy Momma!" Indeed he is!

It truly was almost like Heaven! And even though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow, I simply don't care! Because today we had a glimpse of Spring!!

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